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A small City named Palampur with total of 20 houses . This city is under the influence of underworld who control the city operations using fake news. Our main character Captain Dhruv is fed up of this hopeless situation and chose to not be a coward by busting the bubbles of fake news Swarming in the different parts of the city.


In Our day to day lives we don’t have time to fake news which comes up on news and radios  even if we know it’s fake we think let it be we shouldn’t ignore such a thing it proves that we all have a bit of Coward in us as Confucius a famous Chinese philosopher  said….

“To know what is right and choose to ignore it is the act of a coward”

Which means It is not enough to just know what is right we should act upon it even though no one in.


The objective of the game is to solve the puzzle and remove the clouds of fake news building up in the city the more you solve the more time you would get . The User has to click on the cloud get to the puzzle screen. Our game is compatible with windows platform.

Team Members

* Subham Chakraborty [Programming | Game Design]

* Sreekanth Shankaranarayanan [Programming | Sound]

* Alankar N Pethare [Game Art | Animations | UI Design]

Install instructions

Free to download.


FakeNewsBusters.rar 23 MB


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Hey I played every game made for the BYOG19 game jam, that had a windows build. Your game is one of them! Played in 1366x768 as requested. Please check it out!

Please play in 1366×768 RES !!